Hit the Beach in Salcombe

The list of things to do on a beach is pretty extensive, particularly if you are a kid (or big kid at heart). Getting bored simply isn’t possible, and if you are an adult, enjoying a glass of chilled Chablis or bottle of beer on the beach will make the world seem a very happy place indeed.

Go swimming in the sea

Go for a paddle in the sea if you’re only little!

See beneath the waves snorkelling

Build a really big sandcastle

Eat a picnic with your family

Play a game of volleyball or beach cricket

Go boogie boarding

Have a go at waterskiing

Get your balance whilst standup paddle-boarding

Explore the area kayaking

Try out dinghy sailing

Go for a row

Skim a stone

Walk bare foot on the sand

Dam a stream on the beach

Fly a kite

Create some wild art

Draw your name in the sand

Jump over waves

Go rock climbing

Explore a cave

Discover what’s in a rock pool

And if you need to find out which beaches to go, we can help with a list of Salcombe beaches and specific information on Salcombe ferries, North Sands, and Mill Bay.

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