Salcombe Finest in the Press

Stevie Parle from the Telegraph


Knowing we would love the reading the article and the recipes, nothing could prepare us for seeing our name in print. Stevie mentioned Salcombe Finest as an online retailer for buying fresh handpicked crab! A wonderful endorsement from a well-respected chef.

Just at Stevie says, “There are two Rs in the month, so now must be a perfect time to indulge in some fresh shellfish.” Here, here. And if you haven’t the foggiest what he’s on about with the Rs, then take a look at our page on the different types of oysters and when to eat them!

Devon Life February Edition


How very exciting to see Salcombe Finest featured in the Gourmet Life section of Devon Life this month. Hello Devon and hello to all you crab lovers!


Soggy Bottoms Beware, Mary Berry is in Town!

The celebrity chef and Salcombe holiday-home owner Mary Berry was in town today to officially open the Salcombe Yacht Club kitchens at Cliff House. We were warned not to turn up with a soggy bottom; she rarely forgives one of those!

Salcombe Finest has received some previous love from Matt Baker and Clare Balding from Countryfile, but we must have been on our best behavior because Mary signed a Salcombe Finest leaflet and left Queen Crab almost speechless!

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