Letting Your Holiday Home FAQs

How do I let my holiday home?

Letting your holiday home in Salcombe is simple – just give us a call! We’ll pop round whenever it’s convenient for you and get you all set up. We handle everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything – from taking bookings to arranging cleaning, to handing over the keys and making sure everything’s left the way it should be ready for your next guests. 

We not only offer bookings and property management services for your holiday home, we also provide insider knowledge of Salcombe and the lettings market here, so you’ll always be in good hands.


Why should I use an agent rather than doing it myself?

There are plenty of reasons that holiday home owners choose to use an agent to market their properties. We save you the time and hassle of finding guests, dealing with bookings, answering queries and other admin. When it comes to taking payments, we have all the security certificates and PCI compliance set up – there are legal requirements for taking payments over the phone, for example, and they can be costly and time-consuming for individual homeowners.

We also have the advantage of already having an internet presence, so it’s easier for a new property to be found than if you were starting from scratch by yourself.


Can I still use my property for my own holidays?

Of course! Your holiday home is yours, and you should use it. In fact, staying in the property periodically helps you see things from a customer perspective, which is always beneficial. All you need to do is block out the time you plan to visit in the calendar so we don’t book someone else in.


Do I need special insurance?

Absolutely, yes. As insurers consider any kind of letting to be a slightly higher risk, you need to make sure that your policy covers you as a holiday letting – not all landlord policies do as they’re designed for longer-term rentals. If you don’t have a specific insurance policy, you could run the risk that any claim would be denied – it’s never a good idea to hide anything from the insurance company!


Do I need a special mortgage?

Some mortgage lenders have restrictions on short term lets, so you should always checked with your lender to make sure they’re happy with you letting out your holiday home. If your current lender doesn’t allow it, there are providers who will. These change frequently, so make sure you get up to date advice – speak to a mortgage broker or financial adviser if you’re not sure.