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hope cove food

Eating Out In Hope Cove

Hope Cove may be a charming traditional coastal village but it’s no one-horse town, especially when it comes to dining options. In fact, if you’re planning a self catering holiday you’re spoilt for choice, eating out in Hope Cove is … Read More

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Salcombe gin cocktails

Salcombe Gin Cocktail Ideas

We think there’s no better way of enjoying your stay in Salcombe than with a cocktail of their famous gin. Here are some Salcombe gin cocktail ideas you can experiment with!  Visiting the Salcombe gin distillery and their bar is … Read More

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coffee in Salcombe

Coffee in Salcombe: The 8 best Coffee Spots

With no Starbucks or Costa in sight, it’s all about the independent, locally run cafes in Salcombe. There is a definite coffee culture in the UK and Salcombe is no exception to the rule. With several cafes to choose from … Read More

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Tickle Your Tastebuds for Devon’s Oldest Sweetshop!

Cranch’s sweet shop has to be the ultimate. In this small shop which has been going since 1869, their walls are full to the ceiling with jars of sweets, boxes of penny sweets and chunks of fudge. This is total … Read More

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Crab Is Good For You

Salcombe restaurants and self catering – Where to eat

When you’re visiting somewhere with as great a food scene as Salcombe, it’s no wonder you’d be considering a self catering holiday cottage (You can browse our extensive, luxury listings online). Why tie yourself to one option when you have … Read More

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Croissant Devon

Tasty Food to Try in Salcombe

There are many types of food you simply must try on your visit to Salcombe. Check out some of our favorites right here! Enjoy! Salcombe lobster and crab The seafood landed in Salcombe is renowned by top chefs to be … Read More

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Crab Recipes salcombe

4 Recipes That Celebrate the Salcombe Crab

The Salcombe Crab. A delicacy in demand. A celebration of seafood. A legend in its own right. This commendable crustacean is so revered in fact, that we host the annual Salcombe Crab Fest in its honour. Here, crab is king! But … Read More

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Salcombe Scones

How to Enjoy Your Cream Tea in Salcombe

24th June marks the celebration of homemade scones (fastest cake in the world), thick clotted cream, sweet strawberry jam and a cup of tea. It’s National Cream Tea Day and you couldn’t really get much more British to be honest. … Read More

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Bake House devon

Free Bake House Goodies on Good Friday!

Last year we interviewed Ben Holt-Wilson who owns and runs The Bake House in our blog Salcombe’s Best Baker. During the interview he made the point that change was on the horizon for the business and boy was he right! … Read More

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Bake House salcombe

Uptown Bake House is Open for Business

It has been fantastic to see The Upper Crust bakery transform into The Bake House where we’ve witnessed a stylish rebrand. Don’t panic – the produce is still just as delicious but as the bakery has now been passed on … Read More

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Salcombe Baker

Salcombe’s Finest…Baker

We’re all familiar with the smell of fresh croissants on Salcombe’s Fore Street first thing in the morning, but what does the man behind the baked goods have for breakfast?  Following from our article on Salcombe’s Finest Adventurer, we chatted … Read More

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food shops salcombe

Scrumptious Food Shops in Salcombe

Food Shopping in Salcombe made easy with our guide to the town’s best and local food shops and supermarkets. Salcombe’s Independent Food Shops Even though we’ve seen a rise in the number of nautically inspired clothes shops, Salcombe has always … Read More

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Sharpham Cheese and Wine o’Clock

British cheese is known for being delicious but British wine? Hmm, not so sure? Then it’s well worth a visit to the Sharpham vineyard and creamery to try out their fantastic vinos (and of course to scoff some Fromage under … Read More

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salcombe beach holidays

Salcombe Beach Holidays – Visit The Best Beaches in South Devon

For generations, Salcombe has remained one of Britain’s best-loved holiday destinations. From the soft golden sands that line the sparkling estuary to the breathtaking views that surround this sun-soaked paradise, it’s easy to see why. This is a seaside resort … Read More

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North Sands Salcombe

Wink if you know North Sands in Salcombe

There are many things to love about North Sands in Salcombe which proves a popular destination for both young and old time and time again. The magic combination we think is due to a spectacular location and beach, parking facilities … Read More

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