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Babysitters in Salcombe and South Devon

Salcombe is the perfect family holiday destination, with plenty to do for both parents and children. However, we understand how luxurious it can be to have free time away from your little ones. It can make an already great holiday … Read More

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rain in devon

What to do in Salcombe on a rainy day

Even when it rains, Salcombe is a wonderful place to be. However, it does pay to know where to find entertainment when spending the day on the beach doesn’t appeal. So here are our favourite things to do in Salcombe … Read More

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Toddler Beach Packing List

Let’s be honest. The idea of taking a toddler to the beach can be a slightly daunting prospect. In fact, taking your toddler anywhere can sometimes feel like a military operation. But there’s no use in coming all the way … Read More

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Building Sandcastles

Top 10 Baby and Toddler Friendly Things to Do in Salcombe

A day trip or holiday by the Devon seaside is the perfect way to spend quality time with your family and there are loads of activities in Salcombe to keep babies and toddlers entertained on your doorstep. In fact, there … Read More

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Salcombe Crabbing

5 Mistakes When Crabbing in Salcombe

Skill is obviously part of the deal when catching crabs (carefully pulling up the line trying not to bash the crabs against the wall so they fall off) but bait is important too. Bacon is the easy option, but we … Read More

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Salcombe Swimming Pools

Making a Splash in the Swimming Pools in Salcombe

Swimming in the sea whilst in Salcombe can be somewhat challenging at times with temperatures varying from 59°F (15°C) at the end of June and increasing to 64/65°F (18°C) by the beginning of September. For those that prefer to be … Read More

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