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Sports Direct Mug

Sports Direct to Open in Salcombe

Sports Direct is set to come to Salcombe this year as Tinc has sadly closed their doors due to a shift to an online-only model. With a holiday home in Salcombe, it was a natural step for Mike Ashley to … Read More

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Slot Machines in Salcombe

24-hour Slot Machines to Open in Salcombe

Plans are afoot for a new 24-hour gambling centre to open on Fore Street in Salcombe. Planning permission was granted on the proviso that gamers do not make excessive celebrations when hitting the jackpot. Just kidding…April Fools! Thankfully we can … Read More

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Electric Car Charging Salcombe

Electric Car Charging in Salcombe

Looking to visit Salcombe but not sure if you should bring along your electric car for fear of running out of charge? Find out where you can charge your electric car in Salcombe.  In the last few years, there has … Read More

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Crab Is Good For You

Top 5 Reasons Why Eating Crab is Good for You

It’s widely known that the Food Standards Agency recommends eating 2 portions of fish per week – and living in Salcombe, this isn’t too difficult. However, we often get asked the question ‘is crab good for you? and we’re here … Read More

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salcombe estuary views

Exploring the Salcombe Estuary – A Guide

Salcombe estuary is home to diverse and rare wildlife both in its waters and on its 30-mile shoreline, lined with a myriad walks, and mostly wooded and steep-sided where the estuary meets the sea. Kingsbridge estuary is actually a flooded … Read More

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Island Street Tattoo

Tattoo Parlour to Open on Island Street

We all know that Island Street is a hive of creativity with artists, boatbuilders, galleries and gin distilling. And now Salcombe is set to have its very first tattoo parlour where holiday makers will be offered a range of tattoos … Read More

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Salcombe Hidden Gems

Explore the Hidden Gems of South Hams

Firstly, Salcombe Finest would like to wish all of our guests past and present and very happy new year! We hope you had a splendid festive period, whether you were here in Salcombe enjoying the picturesque winter waves, bathing on … Read More

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Salcombe Nightclub

New Nightclub to Open in Salcombe

There is a new exciting late night venue planned for the centre of Salcombe. With a world-class sound system and a lineup of top DJ’s this is going to be one summer to remember! Just kidding – APRIL FOOLS! We’ll … Read More

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Coronor Shot at Woodspring

The Coroner is shot at Woodspring!

During the summer there were plenty of BBC trucks and cameras spotted in South Devon whilst the television drama The Coroner was filmed. It is due to be aired on BBC One starting after lunch today at 2:15pm and we are really … Read More

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Surfing Salcombe

How Many Calories can you Burn on a Holiday in Salcombe?

Holidays are often associated with over-indulgence and sustained periods of inactivity. In fact, the average UK tourist puts on up to a stone on a fortnight-long getaway. However, some prefer their holiday packed full of sport and keep-fit activities. Those … Read More

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Sports Direct Salcombe

Starbucks to Open in Salcombe

Breaking News coming direct from Salcombe… APRIL FOOLS DAY! We are thankful that in Salcombe we still have independent food retailers on our doorstep – no Starbucks in sight! Enjoy food shopping in Coleman’s Butchers, Cranch’s Pantry, the Bake House … Read More

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Salcombe Crabbing

5 Mistakes When Crabbing in Salcombe

Skill is obviously part of the deal when catching crabs (carefully pulling up the line trying not to bash the crabs against the wall so they fall off) but bait is important too. Bacon is the easy option, but we … Read More

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Salcombe Stats

Sizzling Salcombe Stats and Facts – Did You Know?

With its secluded golden sandy beaches, crystal clear emerald waters and hidden coves it’s no wonder that Salcombe is known as one of the most beautiful places on the south coast of the UK. It’s even officially an Area of … Read More

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The Salcombe Ferry

The Salcombe Ferry Lowdown

The ultimate way to enjoy and appreciate Salcombe is by exploring it from the sea. Nothing beats the feeling of bobbing along the ocean waves whilst the sun glistens across the water. There are two main ferries operating from Salcombe … Read More

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Great British Christmas - New Year

A Great British Christmas and New Year

Twinkling lights, roaring fireplaces and joyous seaside carols are but a stockings’ full of reasons to stay on the Devonshire coast this Christmas. The historic seaside town of Salcombe is famous for its quaint decorations and joyous atmosphere over the … Read More

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White Crab Brown Crab

What is the Difference Between Brown and White Crab Meat?

It will come as no surprise that here in Salcombe, we love crab meat. As well as being delicious, there are multiple health benefits of crab. But do you know the difference between brown crab meat and white crab meat? … Read More

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