Scents of Salcombe

Our ability to smell is our most ancient sense and one of the most mysterious. Scents have a legendary ability to unearth our earlier memories and given that it is crucial for survival it’s not surprising the link between emotion and scent.

We think there are many scents around Salcombe that stir up happy memories in an instant – here are our top 5!

Ah la Mer!

There is an unmistakeable smell of the sea as you arrive into Salcombe (which is located at the very tip of the south coast of Devon). We think it’s a sort of mix between seaweed, mud and salt. Somehow this magical blend is so evocative of happy summer days spent with friends and family on golden sandy beaches. Put simply, the smell of the sea is good for ones soul.

Roly’s Fudge

A relative newcomer to Salcombe, the crumbly fudge made on site at Roly’s Fudge Pantry is wickedly good. And when the vat of molten brown goodness is being stirred the sweet smell wafts down the high street. We challenge anyone to walk past the shop without sneaking in for a free taster!

The Bake House

We truly salute the Bake House team who start the production of their famous cheese straws, croissants and doughnuts before the crack of dawn. The smell of freshly baked goods carries along Fore Street and oh wow it’s heavenly. Catch a whiff and you’ll be joining the back of the queue – and in summer it’s a long one!

Fish and Chips

Could you be beside the seaside without enjoying Fish and Chips at least once?! In the early evening the fish and chip shop in Salcombe starts its busy trading hours and it’s a rite of passage to enjoy them sitting on the quayside. Or perhaps you’ll order this British classic in ones of the Salcombe bars or pubs.

Wet Varnish

Along Island Street you will find the boatbuilders and artists of Salcombe. It’s well worth spending a bit of time exploring the galleries and popping your nose into the workshops. With clinker-built boats being cared for and traditional Salcombe yawls being built there is often a lovely scent of wet varnish wafting around.

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