Let’s be honest. The idea of taking a toddler to the beach can be a slightly daunting prospect. In fact, taking your toddler anywhere can sometimes feel like a military operation. But there’s no use in coming all the way to a beautiful seaside town only to stay in your family holiday home! Going to the beach with toddlers IS possible, it just takes a little more planning. Luckily we’ve created an easy toddler beach packing list to ensure your day at the beach goes as smoothly as possible.

toddler beach packing list

All you need to survive the beach with a toddler

  • 2 swimsuits

(or wetsuits if you’re braving England’s beaches!)

  • Swim nappies

Normal nappies can soak up water and weigh your baby down

  • A sun hat

Ideally with a wide brim to cover little ears

  • Jelly shoes or flip flops

To protect tiny toes from sharp rocks or hot sand

  • Armbands/life jacket

This is an important one if your toddler is going to swim

  • 2 towels

One for sitting on, one for drying off

  • Kid-friendly sunscreen

Go for a high SPF – 50 is perfect, and make sure you re-apply regularly

  • A sippy cup filled with water

Ideally with a lid to avoid a sandy spout

  • Drinks and snacks in a cool bag

Beach-friendly snacks include granola bars, fruit roll-ups, oatcakes and fruit pouches

  • A few plastic bags

One to keep wet clothes and towels in and one for rubbish

  • Hand sanitizer

Give your toddler’s hands a squirt before he/she has a snack

  • Beach blanket

One big beach blanket will be easier than all sitting on separate towels

  • Sun umbrella or sun tent

These can provide much-needed shade on sunny days

  • Changing bag

Including a changing mat, nappies and wipes – LOTS of wipes!

  • Lifejacket

Useful if you’re travelling to the beach by boat

  • Money for an ice cream

Essential if you want to avoid a toddler meltdown

  • Warm jumper or towelling beach robe for the journey home

Because even on the warmest of days it’s easy to catch a chill

  • Spare clothes

Let’s be honest, you’ll probably need them within the first ten minutes

  • Bucket and spade

For sandcastles (or burying daddy while he naps)

That’s it! We hope our toddler beach packing list helps and you’ll be able to relax knowing that you’ve got all bases covered. It may be different from the ‘Magazines and Factor 15’ that were essentials before the little one came along, but it makes for even more fun. Once you’ve had your fill of the beach, make sure you check out our top 10 baby and toddler-friendly things to do in Salcombe.

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