Sports Direct Mug

Sports Direct is set to come to Salcombe this year as Tinc has sadly closed their doors due to a shift to an online-only model. With a holiday home in Salcombe, it was a natural step for Mike Ashley to make an impact along our popular high street.

Just kidding…April Fools!

Mike Ashley doesn’t have a holiday home here and whilst Tinc really has shut up shop in Salcombe, we don’t know who’ll be the new kids on the block.

So who needs to book their Salcombe holiday? We still have availability for the summer – click here for the lowdown – but get in quick!

If you fancy an autumn break with friends, or want to spend Christmas and New Year with loved ones, check out our luxury holiday homes and drop us an email to or call 01548 706 706.

If you’d like to see our other April Fool’s Day pranks you can see them here, here, here and here. We do make ourselves giggle!

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