Allie Fredericks

From the moment that John Lewis let Monty the Penguin loose across our YouTube screens we knew it was here – Christmas and all its shopping trials and tribulations.

While in general, gift buying fills us all with a combination of festive cheer and Grinch-style dread, the thought of shopping for presents on the Salcombe high street is a treat in itself.  Partially because it doesn’t involve any of the Oxford Street crowds or armpit snuggling that you would get on the London underground.

Now I hasten to point out at this point that there are hundreds of Salcombe-y presents that I would both like and recommend, but, for the sake of limited characters when I come to posting this on Twitter later, here are five of my favourites…

Say it with a tile…Salcombe Ceramics

Salcombe Ceramics has a collection of decorative ceramic tiles that encapsulate the area in that happy smiley way that we all associate with seaside holidays. Reminiscent of the warmer weather, boats, beaches, and seagulls are all part of the painted scene, many of which were created from designs by local artists.  This view of Salcombe is a particular favourite…

Bag it…Will Bees

A new addition to Island Street this year, Will Bees Bespoke is the brand behind a beautiful range of bags ranging from clutches to totes and with the option of having them embossed and personalized for that extra touch of luxury.  The shop itself has been expertly curated from a former working boathouse to feel like a cobbler’s workshop that happens to have a crystal chandelier, a view out onto the water, and the kind of flair that Liberty of London would give its eye-teeth to imitate.  Hints are being dropped all over the place about seeing one of these under the Christmas tree…

I would rather be…Salcombe Trading

For those who won’t be in Salcombe over the festive season, Salcombe Trading Company has summed up the feeling nicely with the ‘I would rather be in Salcombe’ mug.  The brand has a well-earned reputation for stylish seaside design and interiors but this little number is the mark of a well furnished breakfast… don’t you think?

She sells seashells…Allie Fish

Quite literally providing a little piece of Salcombe to take home with you, local artist Allie Fredericks takes items she has found on the beaches, after storms, and in the landscape and combines them with her creative flair to produce unique pieces of up-cycled art.  It doesn’t get much more Salcombe than that, and if you’re feeling really decadent then why not go all-out and commission something just for your loved one!

Return to its roots…

Jack Wills is well known as an international brand now, but its hJack Willsome will always be in Salcombe.  So what could be a more perfect stocking filler with a nostalgic twist than a Jack Wills mug (stuffed with socks, because that’s important) with Fore St Devon emblazoned proudly across the front?

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