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Crab Celebration

Celebration of the Crustacean

We are excited to say that there is a new event planned for the first May bank holiday in 2016 called Crabfest – as if you needed yet another reason to visit Salcombe! The crab and lobster caught by the … Read More

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Coronor Shot at Woodspring

The Coroner is shot at Woodspring!

During the summer there were plenty of BBC trucks and cameras spotted in South Devon whilst the television drama The Coroner was filmed. It is due to be aired on BBC One starting after lunch today at 2:15pm and we are really … Read More

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Rainy Day Salcombe

What to do on a Rainy Day in Salcombe

Salcombe is in the most southerly part of south Devon and we really do get the lion’s share of the good weather. In fact, on average we have 1600 hours of sunshine a year and in July we have temperatures … Read More

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Surfing Salcombe

How Many Calories can you Burn on a Holiday in Salcombe?

Holidays are often associated with over-indulgence and sustained periods of inactivity. In fact, the average UK tourist puts on up to a stone on a fortnight-long getaway. However, some prefer their holiday packed full of sport and keep-fit activities. Those … Read More

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Ocean Valour

Ocean Valour Are Almost Home

As you sit on a soft sandy beach in Salcombe, glass of wine in hand and your skin being gently warmed by the sunshine, spare a thought for two incredibly tough and ambitious young chaps who are on a mission to … Read More

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Natural Salcombe World

The Natural World of Salcombe

One of the most charming things about Salcombe is the proximity to so much amazing wildlife; when you’re staying in a holiday home that overlooks the Salcombe-Kingsbridge Estuary, you will be perfectly placed to see a wide variety of birds … Read More

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Salcombes Finest Crabber

Salcombe’s Finest…Crabber

Ever wondered who is responsible for finding that quintessentially Salcombe crab for your sandwiches?  We talk to Pippa Favis from the family run Favis of Salcombe, whose boat the Emma Jane is one of the area’s most recognisable crabbers.  See … Read More

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Island Street

Island Street Gets Creative!

Island Street in Salcombe seems to be having somewhat of a new lease of life – and we think that it’s in a good way. It is being celebrated as the artisan side of Salcombe with not only the boat … Read More

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Organic Farming devon

A Day in a Life on an Organic Devon Farm 

We came across an Instagram account named Woodland Dave which was utterly fascinating with beautiful photos and intriguing insights into farming life. So we arranged to meet Rebecca Hosking who runs Village Farm, a 175-acre organic farm at East Portlemouth, overlooking Salcombe. She explains … Read More

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Starbucks Salcombe

Starbucks to Open in Salcombe

Breaking News coming direct from Salcombe… APRIL FOOLS DAY! We are thankful that in Salcombe we still have independent food retailers on our doorstep – no Starbucks in sight! Enjoy food shopping in Coleman’s Butchers, Cranch’s Pantry, the Bake House … Read More

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Bake House salcombe

Uptown Bake House is Open for Business

It has been fantastic to see The Upper Crust bakery transform into The Bake House where we’ve witnessed a stylish rebrand. Don’t panic – the produce is still just as delicious but as the bakery has now been passed on … Read More

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Salcombe Photographer

Salcombe’s Finest…Photographer

Salcombe lends itself to beautiful photos, but it takes a very special talent to really capture it.  From projects all over the world to portraits and a photography school at her thriving studio on Island Street, Salcombe Finest caught up … Read More

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Life Boat Volunteer

A Day in a Life of a Salcombe Lifeboat Volunteer

The lifeboat is one of the most iconic sites in Salcombe, but who are the people behind the rescue missions and how does it affect their day?  We find out from volunteer Matt Davies… As I go about my everyday … Read More

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Girls Holiday Salcombe

Getaway with the Girls the Salcombe Way

We all know that Salcombe is an ideal holiday destination for families – all you need is a bucket and spade and enough change for an endless supply of ice cream and you’re away. It’s also a no-brainer that Salcombe’s … Read More

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Salcombe Baker

Salcombe’s Finest…Baker

We’re all familiar with the smell of fresh croissants on Salcombe’s Fore Street first thing in the morning, but what does the man behind the baked goods have for breakfast?  Following from our article on Salcombe’s Finest Adventurer, we chatted … Read More

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Salcombe Lifeboat

Behind the scenes of the Salcombe Lifeboat

You’ve got to love a man in uniform, but there’s something about the boys on the Salcombe Lifeboat that’s really special, and it goes way beyond the canary yellow boots. The lifeboat is iconic at any seaside town, and particularly … Read More

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Croissant Devon

Visiting Salcombe: 5 things that will rock your world

The word ‘awesome’ is most definitely over-used but when it comes to visiting Salcombe there are certain things that can always be relied upon to be a jaw-droppingly joyful experience. Book your luxury Salcombe holiday home with us and enjoy … Read More

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Allie Fredericks

Five Quintessentially Salcombe Christmas Presents

From the moment that John Lewis let Monty the Penguin loose across our YouTube screens we knew it was here – Christmas and all its shopping trials and tribulations. While in general, gift buying fills us all with a combination … Read More

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Yoga salcombe

Five Ways to Get Active in Salcombe

With the health and fitness industry telling us to eat less and move more, here are some suggestions for getting that body into shape during a holiday in Salcombe. But we’ve given it a little twist – these are seriously … Read More

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Salcombe I Love

Snippets of Salcombe that I Love

I am so lucky to be based in Salcombe as it is full of wonderful people and some great independent shops, brilliant things to do and of course it is totally stunning. Simply wandering through the streets never gets boring … Read More

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Salcombe Honeymoon

10 Reasons to Honeymoon in Salcombe

The “staycation” has been revolutionising holidays as we know it and now is high time to consider a one, here in Salcombe, for your very own honeymoon. You may be bemused as to why we’re suggesting Salcombe as the place … Read More

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Hate Salcombe

5 Reasons You Will Hate Salcombe

There’s no denying it, Salcombe is an awful place to visit with its beautiful beaches making you question every other coastal destination you go to afterwards. You’ll really suffer with the locally caught seafood and children simply won’t have time … Read More

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food shops salcombe

Scrumptious Food Shops in Salcombe

Food Shopping in Salcombe made easy with our guide to the town’s best and local food shops and supermarkets. Salcombe’s Independent Food Shops Even though we’ve seen a rise in the number of nautically inspired clothes shops, Salcombe has always … Read More

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Building Sandcastles

Top 10 Baby and Toddler Friendly Things to Do in Salcombe

A day trip or holiday by the Devon seaside is the perfect way to spend quality time with your family and there are loads of activities in Salcombe to keep babies and toddlers entertained on your doorstep. In fact, there … Read More

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Salcombe Sea

The Power of the Salcombe Sea

It is very easy to love the sea in the summertime, but in the winter it takes on a whole new character that it’s impossible not to admire. It is no secret that the Salcombe seascape is constantly inspiring; if … Read More

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Salcombe Crabbing

5 Mistakes When Crabbing in Salcombe

Skill is obviously part of the deal when catching crabs (carefully pulling up the line trying not to bash the crabs against the wall so they fall off) but bait is important too. Bacon is the easy option, but we … Read More

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Salcombe Walks

3 Brilliant Circular Walks Near Salcombe

To say it’s attractive around the Salcombe area is an understatement. We need to pull out adjectives such as breathtaking, spectacular, dramatic and dazzling! Going for a walk is the ultimate way to see this wonderful part of South Devon … Read More

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Sharpham Cheese and Wine o’Clock

British cheese is known for being delicious but British wine? Hmm, not so sure? Then it’s well worth a visit to the Sharpham vineyard and creamery to try out their fantastic vinos (and of course to scoff some Fromage under … Read More

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Mill Bay Salcombe

Making the most of Mill Bay in Salcombe

Mill Bay is the largest sandy beach in Salcombe situated opposite the town across the estuary. With its easy access by boat or by car, the huge expanse of dry sand, and public facilities close by, this is one of … Read More

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Luxurious Scallops in Salcombe

Once in a Lifetime Luxurious Experiences in Salcombe

Our surroundings inspire the way we treat ourselves. Whilst at home in an environment we associate with routine and work, we might be inclined to simply carry out day-to-day chores. In these surroundings, we may forget the importance of indulging … Read More

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Salcombe Views

Most Stunning Views of Salcombe

Salcombe is known for miles around as being one of the most stunning assets of the South Devon coastline. A recognised Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with an array of beautiful beaches, rich flora and sapphire blue skies that meet … Read More

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salcombe beach holidays

Salcombe Beach Holidays

For generations, Salcombe has remained one of Britain’s best-loved holiday destinations. From the soft golden sands that line the sparkling estuary to the breathtaking views that surround this sun-soaked paradise, it’s easy to see why. This is a seaside resort … Read More

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Salcombe Stats

Sizzling Salcombe Stats and Facts – Did You Know?

With its secluded golden sandy beaches, crystal clear emerald waters and hidden coves it’s no wonder that Salcombe is known as one of the most beautiful places on the south coast of the UK. It’s even officially an Area of … Read More

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North Sands Salcombe

Wink if you know North Sands in Salcombe

There are many things to love about North Sands in Salcombe which proves a popular destination for both young and old time and time again. The magic combination we think is due to a spectacular location and beach, parking facilities … Read More

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Salcombe Beaches

Visit a Salcombe Beach – But Which One, Where and How?

Salcombe enjoys some of the sunniest weather in the UK and is perfect for beaching and boating being surrounded by arguably the most magical coastline in England with miles of sheltered water and soft golden sandy beaches. From the buzzing … Read More

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Salcombe Swimming Pools

Making a Splash in the Swimming Pools in Salcombe

Swimming in the sea whilst in Salcombe can be somewhat challenging at times with temperatures varying from 59°F (15°C) at the end of June and increasing to 64/65°F (18°C) by the beginning of September. For those that prefer to be … Read More

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The Salcombe Ferry

The Salcombe Ferry Lowdown

The ultimate way to enjoy and appreciate Salcombe is by exploring it from the sea. Nothing beats the feeling of bobbing along the ocean waves whilst the sun glistens across the water. There are two main ferries operating from Salcombe … Read More

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luxury devon beach holiday

Luxury Devon Beach Holiday Experience

Luxury is the ultimate feature of any holiday. It’s the mark of authenticity, exclusivity and quality. The term ‘luxury’ itself is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “a state of great comfort or elegance” and, while the definition of ’luxurious’ … Read More

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Salcombe Winter

Splendid Salcombe in Winter

There are numerous activities to enjoy in Salcombe over the winter months – here are our favourite suggestions: Go Shooting! The Salcombe Shooting School has set up brilliant air-rifle premises in the countryside of Salcombe. Get picked up by a … Read More

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Great British Christmas - New Year

A Great British Christmas and New Year

Twinkling lights, roaring fireplaces and joyous seaside carols are but a stockings’ full of reasons to stay on the Devonshire coast this Christmas. The historic seaside town of Salcombe is famous for its quaint decorations and joyous atmosphere over the … Read More

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Whats on Salcombe 2017

New Year in Salcombe

Whilst it may not be weather for sunbathing, there is still plenty to do in the beautiful coastal town of Salcombe in the depths of winter and over the New Year period. There is of course scrumptious food and fine … Read More

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Crab and Leek Tart

Crab and Leek Tart

Crab is the quintessential taste of the British shoreline and partners perfectly with leek in this tempting tart recipe. The rich brown meat is really important in this crab recipe in order to give the tart a crabby oomph of … Read More

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Crab and Pea Risotto with Basil

It’s mid May and the waters around South Devon have warmed up slightly after the cold winter. This is a simple, Springtime meal to satisfy those taste buds now that crab is back in season. The warmer waters mean that … Read More

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Crab Is Good For You

Top 5 Reasons Why Eating Crab is Good for You

It’s widely known that the Food Standards Agency recommends eating 2 portions of fish per week – and living in Salcombe, this isn’t too difficult. However, we often get asked the question ‘is crab good for you? and we’re here … Read More

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Crab Linguine with Chilli and Parsley

As every crab lover knows, the brown meat packs a far bigger punch of flavour than the white. What we love best about this crab recipe is that it uses the wonderfully rich brown crab meat as a highly flavoured … Read More

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Crabbers Race

Salcombe Crabbers Race

The Salcombe Crabbers Race is an interesting experience. Sitting in Cliff House gardens it was a beautiful sunny evening in the estuary; the light bouncing off the cliffs, yachts bobbing on their moorings, dory’s making their way towards Blackstone and … Read More

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BBC Millbrook

The BBC Countryfile Team get Cracking at the Millbrook!

The mood was jovial, the cider was flowing but the crab picking was very serious indeed! The grand opening of the South Devon Crab Festival hosted by the Millbrook Inn, at the end of the beautiful Southpool creek, was attended … Read More

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Famous Crab

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall Enjoyed the Crab

We were pleased to note that during the reception of the Royal Wedding of Wills and Kate, the guests were offered crab salad on lemon blini canapes. During his visit to Salcombe last week, we asked Prince Charles about the … Read More

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Posh Crab Pasty

Oh my goodness, these are GOOD! Posh up your pasties this summer with this original recipe for crab filling. These are perfect for picnics (if you can wait that long) but we normally find ourselves eating them still warm from … Read More

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White Crab Brown Crab

What is the Difference Between Brown and White Crab Meat?

It will come as no surprise that here in Salcombe, we love crab meat. As well as being delicious, there are multiple health benefits of crab. But do you know the difference between brown crab meat and white crab meat? … Read More

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