luxury devon beach holiday

Luxury is the ultimate feature of any holiday. It’s the mark of authenticity, exclusivity and quality. The term ‘luxury’ itself is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “a state of great comfort or elegance” and, while the definition of ’luxurious’ is slightly different to everyone, most of us would agree that luxury means being surrounded by style and opulence with your every need tended to.

For us at Salcombe Finest, luxury is created by crafting a unique story. It starts with a beach holiday in Devon, to the very tip where the sun shines on the sparkling waves. Luxury can be found in every corner of Salcombe; whether its the stunning scenery, the exquisite local cuisine or the warm Salcombe waves lapping up on the soft, golden sands. We take this as inspiration and tell a tale of sublimity, emulating the beauty of this enchanted landscapes.

To reflect the luxury that nature has to offer, we’ve selected a diverse range of properties in Salcombe and transformed them into deluxe holiday homes. Now, visitors can enjoy a luxury beach holiday experience like no other.

We know that luxury comes in many forms. Perhaps luxury to you means stylish interiors featuring bespoke designs. Perhaps it means tasting the most mouth-watering fresh food, or gazing over the oceans with a cocktail in hand. Perhaps it simply means spending quality time with the people you love in a perfect location.

Luxury is not a state intended to be fleeting – it’s a lifestyle.

This pure state of relaxation and contentedness can only be achieved by being immersed by luxurious surroundings, facilities and services.

Start your beach holiday right on the seashore and book your stay in 1 The Strand. This is one of our most loved holiday homes in Salcombe as it sits only 15 metres from the sea’s edge. With an impressive roof terrace, high-end landscaping, plush interiors and stylish skylight windows, you will feel utterly pampered in this property.

Or why not begin your relaxing beach holiday in the heart of Salcombe on Fore Street, only paces away from the water? ForeDecks, our luxury property, is a favourite among family and friend groups alike. Staying at the property is like holidaying in a spa, with saunas and an indulgent terrace hot tub to soak up the beauty of the views.

Imagine sunbathing on the soft sands of Salcombe’s gorgeous beaches, feasting on freshly-caught seafood and retiring to your sumptuous accommodation to watch the sunset from your expansive balcony with a glass of champagne.

Now that’s luxury.

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