rain in devon

Even when it rains, Salcombe is a wonderful place to be. However, it does pay to know where to find family entertainment when spending the day on the beach doesn’t appeal. So here are five ways of keeping the kids happy on a rainy day in Salcombe…

Painting Mugs

Painting, particularly painting on things that you shouldn’t really paint on, is something that holds great appeal for kids of all ages (mid-30s counts right?). So cups of tea and homemade cakes at The Art Café in Kingsbridge combined with painting onto all manner of crockery seems like a pretty good use of an afternoon, don’t you think?


The Wave Machine

It’s a little bit of a drive, but the Waves Leisure Pool at the Riviera International Centre in Torquay provides hours of entertainment for families. The pool has a collection of slides but most importantly A WAVE MACHINE. We can appreciate the irony of going to a swimming pool that simulates waves when you’ve come on holiday to the seaside, but sometimes the great outdoors in just a little bit too cold!


Teeny Tiny Houses

It’s a fact of life that small versions of normal sized things are entertaining. At no other point have bricks and mortar been as scintillating as at Babbacombe Model Village. This is more suited to a light drizzle than a torrential downpours, given that most of it is outside, and obviously we are highlighting this as an activity for kids, but it’s got the same kind of appeal as a Pixar film – you would happily hijack a toddler for the day if it meant being able to take part.

model village

Rediscover Reading

It might not be the first thing you think of, but as libraries across the country close due to budget cuts, the Salcombe Library has been given an unexpected lifeline thanks to a group of volunteers called the Friends of Salcombe Library. The library is one of just 12 in Devon to be selected for a self-run pilot scheme to reinvigorate this quiet and often overlooked town resource. So what better place to rediscover the magic of reading than in this postcard-perfect location?

reading (1)

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Tea and tradition

You can always rely on the National Trust. We usually think of Overbeck’s as a good place to explore the gardens, but the house also offers activities for children, which vary according to the season. Trails, quizzes and a hunt for Fred the friendly ghost are guaranteed to have those little ‘uns running around. In the meantime, you can choose whether to join in the fun and games or sit back with a Devonshire cream tea.

cream tea

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