Famous Crab

We were pleased to note that during the reception of the Royal Wedding of Wills and Kate, the guests were offered crab salad on lemon blini canapes.

During his visit to Salcombe last week, we asked Prince Charles about the crab canapes and he laughed heartily saying, “Oh gosh, I wish I could remember!” We blame the Cornish crab for his temporary memory lapse.

So we sent Prince Charles away from his visit with a pound of fresh 100% handpicked Salcombe crab meat.

Obviously, it was a much more memorable experience as a letter arrived from Clarence House saying, “The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall enjoyed the crab meat the following evening for dinner. Their Royal Highnesses were delighted to have the chance to try such a famous local delicacy. Both The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall were very touched that you should think of them in this way.”

A wonderful letter to receive. Next stop: The Queen!

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