Coronor Shot at Woodspring

During the summer there were plenty of BBC trucks and cameras spotted in South Devon whilst the television drama The Coroner was filmed. It is due to be aired on BBC One starting after lunch today at 2:15pm and we are really looking forward to see which locations we recognise.

However, we do know about one epic location! We are super-excited because one of the Salcombe Finest holiday homes was used for filming. Woodspring is the epitome of a cool luxury holiday home with incredible interior design, space, light and facilities. Have a look at the photographs and you’ll quickly understand why it was chosen. Why not book your summer holiday in the ultimate luxury accommodation and pretend you’re a TV star?!

Whenever we hear about filming taking place there is a real sense of pride that our local area has been chosen. And in this video we find out exactly why Devon was used as a backdrop for The Coroner. We also want the celebs to fall in love with Devon and they always do. Claire Goose who plays the high-flying solicitor turned coroner gushes about her latest experience in an interview.

“I’d never been to Devon before and was absolutely blown away,” she said. “I fell in love with the area and have been getting withdrawal symptoms ever since I returned to London. The film crew picked spectacular locations, we were never far away from the beach so it was difficult not to smile the whole time. Hopefully I’ll be able to come down to South Devon on holiday sometime soon. I’d love to potter around at my own pace.”

Only a couple of summers ago Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed at Start Point and Johnny Depp was here in this very county. Swoon. And back in the 90’s Agatha Christie’s Poirot in Peril at the End House was filmed along the streets of Salcombe.


  1. bobbie hicks

    fabulous series not enough

    live in hawkes bay new zealand

  2. Val Dodd

    Ever since seeing The Coroner, my husband and myself have returned to Dartmouth every year, travelling around the different filming locations. We love Dartmouth, not yet ventured to Salcombe. Will do this year. Any chance of any more “The Coroner”?

    • Salcombe Finest

      How lovely to hear you may be visting Salcombe this year! Sadly we don’t think there will be any further episodes having read a statement from the beeb saying: The BBC announced on 2 March 2017 that there would be no further series.

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