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Finding the perfect holiday cottage in Devon depends on your personal preferences and the type of experience you are looking for. Properties can be very diverse. Some of them are dog friendly, some have a home cinema, free-standing baths, hot tubs, mooring or even private gyms.

Here’s how to choose the best cottage for your holidays depending on the type of holiday you are planning for, from relaxing weeks in the countryside to active holidays.

1. Private gym for your active holidays

If you have a daily routine and don’t want to stop during your holidays, a private gym is a perfect solution for you.

Many people also find they don’t have enough time during the week to exercise. Being on holiday can be the perfect time to relax, but also to dedicate time to yourself, so what better way to take care of your body and mind than to doing some exercise before you start your day in Salcombe?


Private gym in Woodspring

Salcombe holiday homes have a whole range of features, and some even include private gyms.

Woodspring, which is set in an idyllic location along the Bowcombe Creek, is an exceptional modern home that features a well-equipped gym with TV and sound system so you can exercise whilst you listen to the best tunes or while you follow a virtual class.

2. Mooring

Another option for those who prefer more active holidays is to have an action-packed holiday boating. Private running mooring is a feature in some of our Devon holiday cottages, including the beautiful Boathouse so look out for it!

3. Hot tub for a relaxing holiday

Summer or winter, it doesn’t matter. Any season is good to enjoy soaking in a hot tub outdoors. Using a hot tub can reduce anxiety and stress and can also offer relief from back pain and the symptoms of arthritis or fibromyalgia amongst many other benefits.

Some Devon holiday cottages, such as Woodspring, feature a Swedish wood-fired hot tub for the ultimate Scandi experience. Just fire up the hot tub and enjoy a glass of bubbles with a spectacular view.

Holiday cottage in Devon

Hot tub in Treetops

4. Home cinema

A large cinema room is indispensable if you plan to spend a lot of time inside. Some of our holiday cottages in Devon even include a popcorn machine so that you can recreate the whole cinema experience and watch all the blockbusters without leaving the house.

Cinema room in Boathouse

5. Outdoor dining area

Whether you are travelling with friends, family or with your partner, an outdoor dining area is a great addition to your holiday and a great feature to look for in your holiday cottage in Devon.

Holiday cottage in Devon

Outdoor dining area in Woodspring

Some of our Devon holiday cottages include magical outdoor chilling and dining area. And some of them, like this Woodspring property, even have a wood-fired oven nestled in the garden and multiple outdoor dining areas for many guests (up to 16).

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