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Salcombe is a town full of character and the homes are bursting with personality for miles. If you’ve ever holidayed in one of our luxury Salcombe holiday cottages you’ll know that their interiors are designed to be the perfect place to unwind. In this post, we’ve compiled five interior design tips from Salcombe holiday cottages.

With last summer spent without holidays, bring some relaxation into your home with these interior design tips from our Salcombe holiday cottages. From cool blues to warm wooden tones, all of our luxury holiday homes have unique motifs there to put you in the holiday mood.

Salcombe is lucky enough to be home to some amazing interior designers, including Drift Design, Dupere Design, Joanna Tucker, Henrietta Thorn and The Salcombe Trading Company. Their designs are classically British and perfectly suited for a Salcombe luxury holiday home.

The mood of your home is all defined by the colours, textures and patterns that you adopt. Living by the ocean means that in Salcombe, we favour the cool, relaxing tones of blues and greys. These colours are a sailor’s signature look and incredibly popular in the seaside homes of Salcombe. Whether you’re a holidaymaker, dying for the relaxing vibes of a cottage, or a homeowner wanting tips on how to design their home to let. Here are 5 interior design tips and inspirations from our Salcombe holiday cottages.

Industrial Inspiration 

The Boathouse is a unique holiday home that is perfect for young travellers who want a cool looking cottage. On the off chance that you are on the chase for someplace very sharp, completely remarkable and in the core of Salcombe, this is the holiday cottage for you.

Modified from an old boat store into a house, the Boathouse is just one of its sort in Devon and Cornwall. The house sits on ‘dolphins’ inside an enormous opening and the little hole around the bottom can fill up with ocean water to lift the house. While you might not be able to make your house float, the Boathouse has some gorgeous industrial features that you can take inspiration from.

This type of interior design is perfect for unique holiday homes and if you’re looking to list your property on Salcombe Finest we love character! For more tips on how to design your holiday home so that it is Salcombe Finest material, don’t hesitate to get in contact. We’re more than happy to discuss interior design tips for rental holiday homes; get in touch for a free home-owners design consultation with us.

This design is likewise the encapsulation of cool. Mechanical style cement and woods are relaxed with splendid bits of warm shading, current works of art and painstakingly thought about textures. To achieve this at home, consider using warm shaded wooden panels alongside copper.

Bright Colours, Bright Mood

From the certainly great and brilliant interior design to its situation in Batson, Smugglers is a genuine unique in our assorted arrangement of luxury holiday cottages in Salcombe. The Grade II listed mid-terrace house is arranged at the top of the Batson Creek which makes up part of the Salcombe estuary. It is stacked loaded with extraordinary features and has the most amazing amount of character. From recovered rudders and up-cycled ropes to uncovered shafts and twinkly lights, this is a truly happy Salcombe holiday cottage. The great measured sitting room has a wood burner. Furthermore, there are a lot of brilliant highlights and lamps that give an extraordinary vibe to this room.

If you’re looking to take a bright and colourful route in your interior design the best thing to do is be consistent. Colours of a similar tone and shade will work well together. For example, in Smugglers the colours are bright and loud alongside cooler magnolia tones, making a rainbow symphony that is filled with personality but isn’t over the top.


Coastal Tones

Thorning Street is an exquisite house that is simply ideal for a family or couple. The cottage has gorgeous interior design and wonderful coastal tones. A cottage like this is truly reminiscent of classic seaside town interior design. Thorning Street has the most wonderful living room, complete with wood burner. There is even a seat by the window, which is the ideal spot to unwind toward the day’s end. Coastal textures and tones can be found in each corner.

This cottage takes inspiration from our own Salcombe sea and Norwegian interior design styles and has been beautifully put together by the talented Drift Design. The cool blues matched with a real Norwegian staircase are enough to give you house-envy. But don’t despair! You can create a similar, cosy vibe in your home. Use blues, whites and wooden textures to recreate this relaxing space or contact Drift directly for their magic touch. We love to rework rope and other things into interior design features. Why not try spray painting an old rope white and using it as a picture frame?


Barn Chic

The Stables is no conventional barn. The contemporary transformation is all about style, with extravagance at its heart. Simply take a look at the Villeroy and Boch sink in the kitchen, and you’ll appreciate the detail and care that has gone into making this amazing property. The kitchen likewise incorporates perfect granite worktops, a duck-egg-blue island, wine cooler, and all the kitchenware you’d anticipate you’ll need for a relaxing getaway! The dining room is rose, with small nods to its past as a stable.

The best interior design tip from this Salcombe holiday cottage is the incredibly handy wine cooler. Tired of wine bottles taking up so much room in your fridge? You might even be drinking room-temperature wine! With this gorgeous feature, you can display your wines while also keeping them cool. It’s a great addition to any wine-lovers kitchen.


We can’t write a blog about interior design without including our most relaxing luxury holiday cottage, Hygge. This Salcombe holiday cottage’s interior design is centred around relaxation, tranquillity and cosiness. Hygge is a Norwegian word used to describe the feeling of comfort and our holiday cottage is the epitome of that.

To achieve a hygge look, you will want to immerse your home with wood and cold shades. For example, cool greys and blues are a Scandinavian top pick as they give a feeling of quiet and unwinding. You can do this yourself at home by adding elements of wooden furnishings to enhance your rooms. Then, matching them with neutral tones ensures a moment comfortable disposition in any home.

Experience a Salcombe Holiday Cottage

Before you start redesigning your home based on a luxury Salcombe cottage, experience the sheer bliss of our holiday homes. A luxury Salcombe holiday cottage from Salcombe Finest is second to none. The well-thought interior design is there to help you relax on your seaside getaway.

With the huge variety of luxury homes on offer, why not book your Salcombe holiday today? Browse our other properties for more interior design inspiration, or get in touch for more information.




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